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Ghazva e Hind

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My Twitter friend Harsh [@hashkeys] from, I think Bombay, is a smart young man with an open mind. And I like him very much. The idea for this piece came from one of his flippant tweets about them (the Indians) mounting Ghazva e Hind against us. And then he went, ‘Umm, that didn’t come off quite well.’

Now those of you who do not know what this phrase means are obviously not accustomed to listening to a lunatic in a red hat. The man goes on about how Muslims will one day liberate India from the wicked Hindus. Of course that will be shortly before the entire world converts to the one and only true religion, that is, Islam. And then before we can even get a hang of it, it will be Judgement Day.

I hope between getting rid of the Hindus and turning India pure and Judgement Day we have enough time for us Muslims to kill at least 200 million of our own kind. The same way as we are these days busily doing in Pakistan.

But I get carried away into this aside. I have to tell you that the word India comes from Sindhu by the following equation: the Sanskrit Sindhu is pronounced Hindu in Avestan (ancient Persian) and the land of this mighty river is therefore Hindustan. The Greeks take the Hindu, drop the initial h and call it Indu. But they have the bad habit of suffixing even proper names with an s and so Indu on their tongues is Indus. The land of the Maha Sapta Sindhu is thus India on Greek tongues.

So, now that we have unarguably proved that the land of the Sindhu, that is modern day Pakistan, should actually have been called India – and India properly Bharat – we can proceed with the Ghazva e Hind argument. The Ghazva means fighting a religious war against Hind (India) to claim it for Islam. And if you hear our politicians pontificating, there is no better Muslim anywhere in the world than them. It is another thing that the deity that they prostrate to is called Moolah, Geld, Dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling. This modern version of their god has many names. But he serves the sole purpose of enriching the worshiper so that the dastardly sneaks of Panama can leak out false information to the world.

So, in effect, they began the Ghazva on 14 August 1947.

Now remember that India or Hind is us, Pakistan. The war against Pakistan was has been on for the past seven decades. Consider: the magnitude of the loot and plunder that has gone on for all this time. Begin with the politicians of the 1950s, move on to Ayub and his sons, through Yahya who was only interested in a few nice drinks every evening and a tumble in the hay with his girl friends, we come to Bhutto and his cronies.

And thereafter began the Ghazva in earnest. Under Mard e Momin the plunder of US Dollars meant for holy jihad in Afghanistan was unstoppable. The Ghazva against Hind was going full speed ahead. It has since only increased several thousand-fold in speed and magnitude.

The attitude always was: this is enemy country. We the heroes of Islam will loot and plunder it like never before in the history of the world for that is our religious bidding. But we do not stop at simply plundering the national exchequer. In our eagerness to win the Ghazva e Hind, we destroy whatever we can. We cut railings installed on traffic islands to prevent jay-walking. We destroy traffic island paving to make way for our motorcycles to cut across other traffic. Like plunder this activity either saves us a few paisas worth of petrol or we can sell the iron fences removed from the roads for a few rupees.

We also do things that serve no personal purpose. Like destroying public installations. Seats on bus stops, the public toilet at Ketas Raj and thousands of other buildings and systems put up for public good are wantonly smashed, and using blades on bus and train seats. We destroy them for we are invaders. This bloody country is conquered territory; before we withdraw from it, we must destroy as much of it and as completely as we possibly can.

Every single Pakistani is part of this Ghazva. I say this because when we vandalise public property, the operation takes hours to complete. Imagine how much time it must have taken for Ghazva fighters to cut several metres of iron fencing where Shah Jamal Road meets Ferozpur Road within sight of Ichhra police station. Or vandalising the public toilet at Ketas must have taken several hours for at least three or four days. Yet no arrests were made. We are all part of the army invading Hind and we stand one for all and all for one.

The best of us, the true defenders of the faith are those who attacked Islamabad some weeks ago to mourn the hanging of the greatest defender of the faith who slew an unarmed man and one who the killer was deputed to defend. He slew him when the victim was not even looking. His admirers destroyed metro bus stations built by the enemy. This country of India, erroneously termed Pakistan and sometimes Al-Bakistan is enemy land; the defenders of the faith were doing their religious duty destroying its property.

With the blessing of our god of geld, Ghazva e Hind is in progress. We, the conquerors of this country of Hind or India incorrectly called Pakistan, will consign this Land of War to perdition. It has to be done. It is our holy duty.

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At 13 April 2016 at 10:32, Anonymous Muhammad Athar said...

A beautifully explained sore point of our society which is gearing up day by day due to lack of education and increased frustration.

At 14 April 2016 at 09:22, Blogger Brahmanyan said...

Excellent satirical writeup on the present ignorance of glorious past of the subcontinent.

At 14 April 2016 at 16:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a very valid point. this mentality of treating this land as colonisers and not as natives with an organic connection with it. all thanks to a completed distorted version of history being foisted upon the people.

At 15 April 2016 at 06:17, Anonymous Salman Rashid said...

Gents, Athar, Brahmanyan and Anonymous. Thank you very much. I knew this will go down very well with all those whose minds think and who share the pain with me. The pain of losing sight of our glorious past.


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