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How the State has fallen

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‘A group of lawyers on Tuesday locked a woman additional district & sessions judge in her courtroom allegedly for not rendering a favourable decision. AD&SJ Najaf Shahzadi and her staff remained locked in the courtroom for hours. District and Sessions Judge Nazir Gajiana took notice of the incident and got the courtroom unlocked. The D&SJ summoned the lawyers and the woman judge and reconciled the matter.’

The above is the transcript of a news item filed by Dawn’s staff reporter on Wednesday 6 April 2016. It illustrates the most abjectly shameful abdication of the authority by the State of Pakistan. It is all the more appalling because this is not the first time such a reprehensible act has been enacted.

A bunch of black-coated thugs lock up a presiding judge for not deciding a case as one of their colleagues thought it should have been. The more shameful act is that the harassed lawyer’s boss ‘reconciled the matter’. Instead of taking action against the thugs, this shameless representative of a castrated State brought the two parties together and ‘reconciled the matter’. I ask you how could this attack on the State of Pakistan be ‘reconciled’.

This was a case of very plain pressuring of a judge by a bunch of thugs to force her to alter her pronouncement. What then was the reconciliation, one may ask. Did the spineless Mr Gajiana ask Ms Shahzadi to change her decision to favour one side instead of the other? Surely that is what he would have done in order to ‘reconcile’.

Logically other party, the one that was now aggrieved – and doubly so because the case once decided in their favour was overturned – should now have gathered together another bunch of black-coated thugs to lock up Gajiana. And, seeing that the State is utterly powerless, perhaps also beat him black and blue.

I ask why the disgraceful Gajiana could not stand by his subordinate Najaf Shahzadi and penalise the black-coated hoodlums? Does the State of Pakistan not invest him with such authority to proceed against law-breaking so-called lawyers? If the answer is no, this shamefully pusillanimous representative of a castrated State should have the courage to resign from this impotent post. If Gajiana had any character he would not choose to be an official eunuch. Could it be that the lust of lucre to be gained on the side keeps him in that impotent position?

There can never be a more disreputable, a more inglorious abdication of State authority than exhibited by judge Nazir Gajiana. If this were a better country, such a person would be booted out of his assignation. In that country, the black-coated hoods that harassed Ms Najaf Shahzadi would be penalised, their licenses to practice law rescinded for life. In that country such lawyers would probably also have suffered jail terms.

But this is Pakistan. This is the land of a State that has abdicated its writ. It has compromised its writ in the most dishonourable manner.

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At 12 April 2016 at 15:51, Blogger Unknown said...

Indeed its shameful act but where is state? State functionaries are busy to serve their interests rather than the state.


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