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The Apricot Road to Yarkand coming in Urdu

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Right now I am translating The Apricot Road to Yarkand. I am on Chapter 3. It’s slow work, but it is coming along nicely. Shabnam’s Urdu expression being better, She edits it to make the text tighter. However, I hope that Urdu readers not being used to anything more substantial than the grade 4 school essays, the book may need to getting used to when it is finally published. This only time will tell. In case, it is appreciated, I will translate select pieces from the earlier anthologies for a collection of Urdu travel pieces.
Meanwhile, I am writing a fortnightly travel/history piece for the Urdu paper Pakistan. The second in the series appears tomorrow (31 March). The first one was on Raja Paurava and Alexander and this is on the philosophers of Taxila who astounded Alexander with their wisdom.

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At 30 March 2013 at 11:36, Blogger Lahoremassagist said...

Urdu readership is certainly more in Pakistan but basic problem is that we don't have reading culture. Most people can spend thousands on chicken karahi but wouldn't buy a book.


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