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There are some places in Balochistan that I have never been to. One is the Mashkai Valley which stretches northward from Awaran (this lies on the direct road from Lasbela to Turbat). This is a very beautiful valley and I heard of it when we were making Sindhia mein Sikander in November 2001 and spent a night at Awaran.
The other place is again in Balochistan. For years I wanted to hire a camel near Nal and trek down the Hingol River all the way to the sea. In the upper reach the river is hardly anything to be excited about. But as you near the Rudia hills, the scenery becomes very dramatic and carries on that way all the way to the seaboard.

There was yet another point of interest: when Alexander was in the vicinity of Awaran, he sent one of his officers, a man named Thoas, to go down to the sea to check out how the fleet was faring on its westward voyage. Thoas would have followed the Mashkai stream to its junction with the Hingol and thence to the sea. There are other places in Balochistan that I have never been to and long to go to. The Zamuran Hills near Mand, the wonderful country of Washuk in Kharan.

In better times, I should have visited all these places. But I suppose there were other more pressing things. Now, it is impossible to travel in Balochistan.

The one place where I want to return to is Moola Valley in Balochistan. I spent four days there in 2007. I want to return to explore in greater detail. It is another very beautiful part of Balochistan.

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