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Compare the upper two images. One taken in early February 2013 after a nice shower of rain. The other taken today in the morning. This rejuvenation of the earth is the greatest joy of life. There is no greater gift from Nature. I wonder why so few of us stop to relish this beauty.

Update: Lawn on 17 July 2014 -  the first rain of monsoon

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At 15 July 2013 at 21:22, Anonymous Saima Ashraf said...

Seasons and Beauty speaks! Only what we need is ears.

At 15 July 2013 at 22:29, Blogger Nayyar Julian said...


At 6 August 2013 at 10:37, Anonymous Carol Yates Wilkerson said...

I happen to like both photos. Both are refreshing. I have to say I especially love the blue chairs. It all looks like a very calm oasis.

At 7 August 2013 at 11:50, Anonymous Salman Rashid said...

Carol, Thank you so very much. It is indeed a little oasis of great calm and peace. When Chris Lyden came to talk to me in August 2011, we sat on these very chairs on this patio. You can hear it here:

At 24 April 2014 at 22:34, Blogger Memoona Saqlain Rizvi said...

Wonder why doves can't find a safe heaven in this lovely garden?


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