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Prisoner on a Bus

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Prisoner on a Bus is an anthology of my newspaper articles published in The Frontier Post (1991-93), The News on Sunday (1993-2001) and Herald (1993-2001).

The book was published in 2003 and it owes everything to Mr Niaz Ahmad, my publisher. The idea of the book rested on the fact that the kind of work I was doing in 1990s (and still continue to do) was then not being done by anyone else in the country - there are a few rising stars now, though. And even as I went about my business, I noticed that the places and items that I covered were slowly being lost. For example the story 'A Track Less Travelled' about the Narrow Gauge railway line between Bostan (northeast of Quetta) and Zhob 320 km, despite being a jewel in the crown of Pakistan Railway was neglected and slowly crumbling to dust. Similarly, the house of Jahandad Khan (the last piece in the book) was pulled down shortly before the book was published.

We were losing our heritage because of our callous disregard for our history and culture. I thought I should do my part by preserving what was once there in the shape of this book.

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At 29 August 2017 at 10:51, Blogger Romana Brohi said...

true Homer with Pakistan's Odyssey. Thank you. Keep going sir!

At 30 August 2017 at 09:58, Blogger Unknown said...

A good read.


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