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Walking into the unknown

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Funny thing is that I get lost driving my car around in some cities. I have never lost in a serious major sort of way in the wild places of Pakistan except one time on a solo trek when I blundered off the trail in Chitral and ended up on a dangerous rock face. Got out without any damage, though.

Another time, leading a group of Asian Study Group folks including the elderly and wonderful Dr Lois Mervyn of the then American Centre, I lost the way from Ara rest house to Nandna because I was too busy yakking away with my dear friend Rhona Atkinson. Lost face very much because only a few minutes earlier I had been telling young Brad, an American kid, 'only a fool would lose the way here.' Brad did not miss a chance to rag me to death after that.

The only scary situation was in Palas Valley (Pattan, Indus Kohistan) where we had to negotiate a very dangerous rock face which fell straight down to a forested patch about three hundred metres below. I funked completely, but my guide said if a donkey could do it, so could I. Sure enough, a donkey had just come off the slope from the other side. And it was carrying a 40 kg sack too!

Breathtaking scenery is the only unexpected surprise I have met with in my travels. Never anything anymore dangerous while walking into the unknown.

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At 21 May 2017 at 06:07, Blogger سنڌ ويب said...

nicely written.... by my ibne batoota..

At 22 May 2017 at 14:43, Anonymous Salman Rashid said...

Thank you very much.


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