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Serial Groom

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In view of the truth out there (I will not call it rumour); young Manas Upadhyay from Mumbai says our Perpetual Prime Minister in Waiting (PPMiW) is a Serial Groom. Why, for crying out loud, the man has married for the third time. After two divorces even a retard would realise that he is no marriage material. But not our PPMiW. No, sir. It is foolish to expect any sense from this man: he is serially, pathologically sick in the head.

It is another thing that he himself and his camp have gone into overdrive rebutting what they call a rumour. But I hear from a friend in PPMiW’s camp that the valima feast has been feasted upon somewhere in old Blighty – presumably in London. Remember that even after the last fiasco a la Reham Khan had taken place, the man was denying tooth and nail that a wedding had taken place. It is now known that the knot was tied in October whereas it was announced two or three months after with a sham nikah ceremony performed by a mullah made compliant with monetary inducement.

And recall too the time PPMiW wedded the first time to Jemima Goldsmith. Rumours were a-swirl that he was marrying a white woman and the man, a pathological liar, was vehemently denying it. Barely days before the wedding, he had a ghost-written article (in an Urdu paper, if I am not wrong) that he would never marry a white woman; that his wife would be a red-blooded Pakistani girl.

He should at least have told the panting girls wife of which serial number.

Coming back to the second wedding, he had committed no crime marrying – as indeed he hasn’t this time as well – and there was no need denying it. But the pathological liar that Im the Dim is, he lied. He simply will never speak the truth. And now he does it a third time.

I have a slim volume here in my collection titled Lovers’ Almanac. It is filled with very witty and wise sayings about love and marriage. One goes like this: To marry once is duty; twice folly and thrice madness! QED. Im the Dim, the pathological liar is also completely unhinged. A fool who does not know his own self, is not aware that he is not marriage material and remains mindless of the fact that this union too is already heading for a break-up.

I am amazed how his followers behave in a cultish, slavish manner being more faithful than the Great Fool himself. Nadeem ul Haque, a man I had always taken as possessed of above average intellect and perspicacity, has been crying himself hoarse defending the deceit of the Perpetual Prime Minister in Waiting. Alas, how the enlightened fall.

On the subject of PPMiW let me add another of his recent gems. Singularly limited in intellect, this man is the master of stating the obvious. He has never been able to say anything significant or novel. Recently in Skardu he was mouthing inanities like ‘This area has so much potential and should be made a prime tourist destination.’


We all know that since 1810 when William Moorcroft travelled there. But it takes brains to be able to tell us how to make the area a successful tourist attraction. Expect no wisdom on this from the man.

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At 10 August 2016 at 19:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent article sir. Not only you criticized him (constructively), also you gave him sincere advice. But he is what he is.

At 10 August 2016 at 20:15, Blogger Faisal said...

His personal issue..why the huff? I am sure we all do things that we don't want to go public..only his do. So why not just stick with our own underwears?

At 13 August 2016 at 12:40, Blogger @nmalik1 said...

Im the dim's character described perfectly.

At 13 August 2016 at 12:41, Blogger @nmalik1 said...

Im the dim's character described perfectly.

At 16 August 2016 at 09:32, Anonymous Salman Rashid said...

Thank you gentlemen for the approval. Faisal has unfortunately missed the point.


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